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5 Crucial Steps to Plan Your Next Promotional Campaign

Posted by Josh Johnson on 11/14/16 8:58 AM

Promotional campaigns are similar to a game of chess. Chess is a game that takes a great amount of discipline and commitment; to learn the skills needed to outplay your opponent. So it is with successful promotional campaigns. It’s a game of you vs. consumers. How can you get them to take your bait and do exactly what you hoped they’d do? Just like a well-played chess match, you need a well thought out strategic plan to acquire new customers.

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Repeat It, Believe It: Ad Frequency and Consistency Are Important

Posted by Dan Rutledge on 11/4/16 8:05 AM

You’ve heard the saying, “Too much of anything is bad….” But, what if that’s wrong? What if too much of something is just enough to hook even the most doubtful critics.


Below are slogans that have been used over and over and over and over again, and we still haven’t had enough. 

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7 Qualities of Effective Video Marketing

Posted by Andrew Torkelson on 3/9/16 11:35 AM

Video marketing is not a new strategy in the marketing world. It is growing in use each year and it is important that your company puts its best foot forward when generating videos. Video production is not an easy process - it takes time, effort, and creative thoughts. However, when video content is put to good use, your company can reap great benefits from this tool.

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Direct Mail - The Ultimate Automotive Sales Team

Posted by Clark Rutledge on 2/26/16 1:30 PM

Imagine rounding up a six person sales team each day and sending them door to door. That seems like a slow way to reach customers and not very cost effectively, right? But, what if that sales team was able to reach hundreds of homes each day without losing steam? Now that seems like a worthwhile investment. Sending a direct mailer does just that. One envelope packed with the right pieces can be just as effective as the sales team at or from your dealership. Each component of the mailer lines up with a part of the sales process: from the opening lines of the envelope aimed to strike a want in the customer, to the endorsement of a fellow customer in the lift letter, to the call to action in the business reply envelope. The purpose and voice of each different piece comes together to form a full sales pitch. Malcolm Decker, in the book “Million Dollar Mailings” breaks down the various components of a direct mailing piece that, when they work together, can only lead to success.

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5 Tips to Engage with Football Fans Through YouTube

Posted by Dan Rutledge on 2/2/16 8:00 AM

It’s that time of year again. The time when football has taken over the lives of many households. Team colors are worn at every chance possible, friendly trash talk is overheard at the grocery store, bandwagon fans have lost their voices too, and marketers are doing everything they can to connect their product/service to the realm of football and Super Bowl madness. This is crunch time. Over the past couple of years, excitement for the Super Bowl has been on a steady rise. The ‘day of’ excitement is a thing of the past. It has now expanded into a season of build-up with an intense final month starting at the beginning of January. This is an opportunity too great to pass up, and with these helpful tips your business can make the best out of the big game!

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How to Write Email Subject Lines That Get Opened

Posted by Amanda Logan on 1/28/16 9:00 AM


**Drumroll please** the secret to writing the perfect email subject line is…there is no secret. Writing the subject line of emails that consistently get opened is not an easy task. In many cases, most of the effort, thought, and consideration is put into the actual email then the subject line is slapped on last minute and sent off. You’ve spent time perfecting this email, but it probably won’t get opened because it’s lumped with all the other uninteresting subject lines that are now in the trash.

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8 Tips for Email Campaign Success

Posted by Clark Rutledge on 1/6/16 7:59 AM


Automotive email campaigns are more important now than they ever have been. Email usage is growing each year and the ability to grab potential customers through an email campaign is better than ever! Car buying customers typically come in cycles so it is important to always be generating content and valuable information for your customers. Here are some tips to a more successful auto email campaign.

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The Top 5 Advantages of Email Marketing

Posted by Emily Wessling on 12/31/15 2:39 PM

The bottom line of any business is to be profitable. A key ingredient to making money is attracting and retaining customers. Gone are the days that physical mailings, commercials, and newspaper ads are the most reliable sources of bringing new customers to your business. All are viable options, but the attention grabbing techniques must be adapted to the modern day consumer. Consumers that are focused on technology, social media, and constant movement.

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4 Ways Your Internet Sales Staff Can Get better Customer Engagement

Posted by Clark Rutledge on 9/29/15 1:37 PM

1) Video Walkarounds

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3 Tips to Make Invoicing Easier

Posted by Eric Ruesch on 8/24/15 2:31 PM

As month's end approaches we, along with many other businesses, have invoices on our minds. In this post we present a few tips we’ve learned from our small business clients over the years that can help a small business ensure that their invoices are getting paid on time, or even early.

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