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Build a Video Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps

Posted by Andrew Torkelson on 4/4/18 4:24 PM

Why should you add video to your content marketing strategy? That's easy: videos are much more likely to be watched and shared by a greater number of people. In fact, videos outperform text and images combined by over 1,000%. If you want to dip your toes into the exciting world of video marketing, here are a five steps to help you get started.

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Facebook Zero: Major Update That Will Affect Your Business Page

Posted by Rennee Trinidad on 2/7/18 8:46 AM

Though you may have heard by now, Facebook is rolling out some serious changes in regards to what content appears on users’ news feeds in what has been labeled as Facebook Zero. If your business is dependent on social media advertising, it’s important to be aware of what’s changing and how it affects you. Here are the major effects that these changes may have on your business, and what you can do to put your business in the best position to succeed on this new online playing field.

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The Only 4 Things Your Facebook Ads Need

Posted by Rennee Trinidad on 11/18/16 9:52 AM

Photo by Bablu bit

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4 Simple Ways to Improve Search Rank with Great Content

Posted by Emily Wessling on 10/13/16 12:30 PM

If there’s one thing every business wants, it’s to be the first company listed on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other search engines when a consumer is searching with a key industry search term. One of the easiest ways to boost your search rank is by creating great, shareable content. Improved search rank boosts your SEO and increases relevancy within social media searches, such as Facebook.

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5 Ways to Use Facebook Live for Your Business

Posted by Amanda Logan on 8/30/16 7:00 AM

Facebook Live is the newest update to the Facebook platform. These streaming videos allow anyone to broadcast live from their mobile device to their Facebook Newsfeed — businesses included. It’s basically a chance for companies and brands to video chat with customers. This service was developed to promote video content within Facebook for all users. These live videos have been extremely popular — there has been a massive surge in video content consumption over the past couple years and it keeps growing. Facebook has even modified their algorithm so live videos appear higher in news feeds.

Facebook Live is a huge opportunity for any company looking to capture some of that attention to video. Here are five ways you can put it to use for your business.

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6 Essentials of Local Online Business Listings

Posted by Josh Johnson on 8/8/16 4:00 PM

Do you own or manage a local business that just doesn’t seem to be getting the web traffic you anticipated? This could all be due to your business listing — consistency, location, categories, and more. We are here to help your business be seen online and direct your customers to right place!

Below are six local business listing attributes that are essential to your business's online presence.

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7 Rules to Managing Online Reviews Effectively

Posted by Josh Johnson on 7/28/16 10:11 AM

I think we can all agree that if online reviews had a reputation, they would be the know-it-alls. They have good information, but it should all be taken with a grain of salt.

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6 Ways to Grow Your Business's Social Media Following

Posted by Amanda Logan on 6/29/16 8:00 AM

Social media is quite the game and it’s something that all businesses should be playing. If your social media efforts are currently benched, it’s time to get those muscles stretched and back into the game! The key is to be present with the right information for the right people to see.

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7 Key Components to Create Epic Facebook Ads

Posted by Eric Ruesch on 6/11/16 8:00 AM

Facebook has become the platform that everyone is a part of; your potential customers are likely browsing through their newsfeed right now. Everyone from teens, college students, CEOs, and seniors are all a part of Facebook. It has transformed into the ultimate stage for businesses and consumers alike.

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3 Ways to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing

Posted by Andrew Torkelson on 5/26/16 9:00 AM

I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded, but just in case, videos are all the rage. Videos of all genres, lengths, content, and quality are filling the internet. The bottom line is that consumers love to be in the know and learn new things; they are constantly on the search for information. Unfortunately, they don’t want to read long-winded books, documents, or posts to get that knowledge. Consumers prefer to search for a short video, watch it a time or two, and consider it learned.

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