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Build a Video Marketing Strategy in 5 Steps

Posted by Andrew Torkelson on 4/4/18 4:24 PM

Why should you add video to your content marketing strategy? That's easy: videos are much more likely to be watched and shared by a greater number of people. In fact, videos outperform text and images combined by over 1,000%. If you want to dip your toes into the exciting world of video marketing, here are a five steps to help you get started.

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3 Ways to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing

Posted by Andrew Torkelson on 5/26/16 9:00 AM

I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded, but just in case, videos are all the rage. Videos of all genres, lengths, content, and quality are filling the internet. The bottom line is that consumers love to be in the know and learn new things; they are constantly on the search for information. Unfortunately, they don’t want to read long-winded books, documents, or posts to get that knowledge. Consumers prefer to search for a short video, watch it a time or two, and consider it learned.

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7 Qualities of Effective Video Marketing

Posted by Andrew Torkelson on 3/9/16 11:35 AM

Video marketing is not a new strategy in the marketing world. It is growing in use each year and it is important that your company puts its best foot forward when generating videos. Video production is not an easy process - it takes time, effort, and creative thoughts. However, when video content is put to good use, your company can reap great benefits from this tool.

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A New Way to Share Video: YouTube Rolls Out 360-Degree Feature

Posted by Andrew Torkelson on 2/22/16 12:06 PM

Each day is an opportunity to learn new things. YouTube is not one to sit in the back seat and watch technology develop. As one of the leaders in streaming advertising, YouTube has introduced something new and exciting into this arena.

This year, YouTube began supporting the upload of 360-degree videos. These videos allow the viewer to explore the filming area: look forward, backward, to the left, or right. Going beyond the “standard” view of most YouTube videos, we are now free to explore what is happening all around the video, check out all the angles while the video is playing. YouTube is bringing many of the features of virtual reality to its app - not only can you watch the video, but you can feel as though you’re in the video! “Your phone becomes a window to a story happening all around you” Wilms & El Guerrab.

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