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Video Marketing for Business Growth

Posted by Josh Johnson on 4/18/18 12:26 PM


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Topics: Digital Marketing, YouTube, TV Production, Video Marketing, Videos

The Value of Digital Marketing for Home Service Professionals

Posted by Josh Johnson on 11/27/17 6:00 AM

Do you work in the field of home services? You might be aware of how the age of digital marketing is growing, but you may have hesitated on where to go with all of it. We guess that one of your first lines of marketing has been by word of mouth. People tend to hire who they can trust. It’s time to think like your customer.

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Topics: Mobile Marketing, SEO, Home Service Professionals, Search Engine Marketing

5 Crucial Steps to Plan Your Next Promotional Campaign

Posted by Josh Johnson on 11/14/16 8:58 AM

Promotional campaigns are similar to a game of chess. Chess is a game that takes a great amount of discipline and commitment; to learn the skills needed to outplay your opponent. So it is with successful promotional campaigns. It’s a game of you vs. consumers. How can you get them to take your bait and do exactly what you hoped they’d do? Just like a well-played chess match, you need a well thought out strategic plan to acquire new customers.

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Topics: Tips From Right Idea, Automotive Marketing, Integrated Marketing

6 Essentials of Local Online Business Listings

Posted by Josh Johnson on 8/8/16 4:00 PM

Do you own or manage a local business that just doesn’t seem to be getting the web traffic you anticipated? This could all be due to your business listing — consistency, location, categories, and more. We are here to help your business be seen online and direct your customers to right place!

Below are six local business listing attributes that are essential to your business's online presence.

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Topics: Social Media, Search Engines, Reputation Management, Online Presence, Local Listings

7 Rules to Managing Online Reviews Effectively

Posted by Josh Johnson on 7/28/16 10:11 AM

I think we can all agree that if online reviews had a reputation, they would be the know-it-alls. They have good information, but it should all be taken with a grain of salt.

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Topics: Social Media, Reputation Management, Facebook, Online Presence

The Online Listings Story: Why Local Listings Matter

Posted by Josh Johnson on 7/7/16 8:00 AM

Consumers are constantly online, searching for information, businesses, products, services, etc. So much so, in fact, that 85% of all buying decisions are made online, before a customer even sets foot into a store. Bottom line: if you want to gain new customers, your business should be accurately and consistently listed online.

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Topics: Reputation Management, Online Presence, Local Listings

Radio: Reach Without the Expense

Posted by Josh Johnson on 3/28/16 10:58 AM

The air of a car is usually filled with music and advertisements. But do people actually remember what they heard? You’d be surprised. As advertisers, this is a time when reaching the audience through ads is more important than ever; not getting your name out could be the end of your company. One of the most cost effective ways to get your message out is through radio. Nielsen did a study covering various forms of media and advertising and discovered that the reach of radio cannot be beat. Radio advertisements reach nearly 223 million adults listening weekly; that’s about 93% of all U.S. adults. When that many consumers are reached, messages are spread quickly.

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Topics: Radio Production, Radio