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5 Tips to Engage with Football Fans Through YouTube

Posted by Dan Rutledge on 2/2/16 8:00 AM


It’s that time of year again. The time when football has taken over the lives of many households. Team colors are worn at every chance possible, friendly trash talk is overheard at the grocery store, bandwagon fans have lost their voices too, and marketers are doing everything they can to connect their product/service to the realm of football and Super Bowl madness. This is crunch time. Over the past couple of years, excitement for the Super Bowl has been on a steady rise. The ‘day of’ excitement is a thing of the past. It has now expanded into a season of build-up with an intense final month starting at the beginning of January. This is an opportunity too great to pass up, and with these helpful tips your business can make the best out of the big game!

Treat the “Big Game” as a “Big Season”

Don’t be a bandwagon advertiser! Joining in with football themed ads at the very last minute, right before the Super Bowl, is not the best decision for your company. Your company should get on board at the beginning of the season. Build momentum throughout the season, learn the types of videos your audience enjoys and acts upon, and make their anticipation for the Super Bowl Finale worth it!

Don’t Stretch Your Ads Too Far

Your company may not sell football gear and sports drinks, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting in on the action. Football is a huge reason many viewers are heading to YouTube, explore a subcategory of football and go from there. Get creative with your ideas, show your viewers you can keep up with the best of them. However, don’t reach too far with your ideas and leave viewers confused about the connection between your company and football themes. There may be a large reach but be sure to back it up and bridge any possible gaps.

Always Keep the Mobile in Mind

Especially at a time like this, when users are very much engaged in the TV, most won’t be going over to the computer to check what else is happening, they’ll use their phones. Google puts it best saying we don’t occasionally “go online” anymore, we live online. Smartphone ads are key. Look up stats, view the commercial that was just played, scores of other games, schedule of upcoming games, etc. all are opportunities to reach viewers on their smartphone via YouTube. Mobile devices are constantly in the hands of users, that means your ads can be too!

Super Bowl Ads, Not Just for the Big Guys

Oftentimes Super Bowl ads are viewed as a dance only the big companies and be in. Yes, they have the millions of dollars needed to pay for a small spot of advertising, but it’s not required to be on the big screen in order to produce a Super Bowl ad. And who knows, if your company’s idea is catchy enough, it may surpass the popularity of big company commercials!

The Super Bowl is an Advertiser’s Dream

Typically when viewers decide to turn on the TV, it is not for the commercials they’ll see. It’s turned on for the news, show, game, tournament, movie, debate, or marathon. The Super Bowl creates a rare experience. Many viewers tune in for the commercials just as much as they do for the game. Advertisers don’t have to force people to watch their spots, it’s a given. However, this does not mean that ad standards should be any lower. Viewers can still turn away or tune out from a bad commercial. Step one of getting the viewers to watch your commercial is complete, now your company must keep them engaged. The excitement level of viewers for the ads, both those watching during the game or looking them up afterward, is unparalleled. Take that excitement and go with it!!

To Sum It Up...

The Super Bowl creates a huge opportunity for companies looking to get their name out. Football and commercial fans alike engage in the the month long anticipation for a couple hours of plays and ads. This is a chance for companies big and small to put their best foot forward and pull viewers in like they never thought possible. This is the ultimate show-off of advertisements. Your company can succeed with well thought out ads that have built a following throughout the football season, that can make a connection to football and the Super Bowl, and that keep mobile users in mind. And remember, even small companies can compete with the big dogs! Go take on the big game of Super Bowl advertising and put all those viewers to use!

Is your company advertising with the Big Game in mind? We'd love to exchange ideas in the comments below.



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