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5 Ways to Use Facebook Live for Your Business

Posted by Amanda Logan on 8/30/16 7:00 AM
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Facebook Live is the newest update to the Facebook platform. These streaming videos allow anyone to broadcast live from their mobile device to their Facebook Newsfeed — businesses included. It’s basically a chance for companies and brands to video chat with customers. This service was developed to promote video content within Facebook for all users. These live videos have been extremely popular — there has been a massive surge in video content consumption over the past couple years and it keeps growing. Facebook has even modified their algorithm so live videos appear higher in news feeds.

Facebook Live is a huge opportunity for any company looking to capture some of that attention to video. Here are five ways you can put it to use for your business.

1.  Show Customers What to Expect

This is a chance to give customers a preview of the atmosphere and what they should expect. This can include: a retail store overview, hotel room tours, a production factory at work, a kitchen preparing food, etc. This is a great chance to show the real, people side of the company that may not be seen as often. 

2.  Sneak Peaks

Showcase new products, services, processes, and more in real-time. If your company is releasing a new product or even switching out seasonal items, give a first look to your customers. If you do this, include a link to pre-orders if that option is available, or even just the page where these items can be purchased.

3.  Address Frequently Asked Questions

As all business owners and managers know, customer satisfaction, and therefore customer service, is of the utmost importance. You should already be answering every question that is sent your way, but if there are questions that constantly get asked, a Facebook Live video is the perfect way to explain those issues in greater detail while interacting with customers and clarifying as necessary. It’s best to have one question dedicated to each video session and get feedback while it’s happening. 

4.  Promote Your Company and Local Events

Whether your business is hosting an event or there’s something going on around your company’s area, promote it through a live video. Get interest generated by creating a post that lets fans know you have a special announcement. An event helps generate traffic to your business and that’s always a good thing.

5.  Run Contests

You may or may not know, but consumers love contests — especially if there’s a prize reward. A live-stream contest lets viewers know exactly how a contest is progressing and how it will likely end. It could be trivia questions, an eating contest, like or comment to win, caption contest, fill in the blank, photo contest, the list goes on. Contests are an easy way to engage consumers and keep them hooked! 

Facebook is constantly creating more opportunities for businesses to engage with their customers — whether connecting with long-time customers or prospective customers. Your business should jump on the chance to interact with customers on all platforms, Facebook has delivered a chance to do it live!


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