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A New Way to Share Video: YouTube Rolls Out 360-Degree Feature

Posted by Andrew Torkelson on 2/22/16 12:06 PM

Each day is an opportunity to learn new things. YouTube is not one to sit in the back seat and watch technology develop. As one of the leaders in streaming advertising, YouTube has introduced something new and exciting into this arena.

This year, YouTube began supporting the upload of 360-degree videos. These videos allow the viewer to explore the filming area: look forward, backward, to the left, or right. Going beyond the “standard” view of most YouTube videos, we are now free to explore what is happening all around the video, check out all the angles while the video is playing. YouTube is bringing many of the features of virtual reality to its app - not only can you watch the video, but you can feel as though you’re in the video! “Your phone becomes a window to a story happening all around you” Wilms & El Guerrab.

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5 Tips to Engage with Football Fans Through YouTube

Posted by Dan Rutledge on 2/2/16 8:00 AM

It’s that time of year again. The time when football has taken over the lives of many households. Team colors are worn at every chance possible, friendly trash talk is overheard at the grocery store, bandwagon fans have lost their voices too, and marketers are doing everything they can to connect their product/service to the realm of football and Super Bowl madness. This is crunch time. Over the past couple of years, excitement for the Super Bowl has been on a steady rise. The ‘day of’ excitement is a thing of the past. It has now expanded into a season of build-up with an intense final month starting at the beginning of January. This is an opportunity too great to pass up, and with these helpful tips your business can make the best out of the big game!

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Extend your Reach by integrating video advertising on YouTube

Posted by Dan Rutledge on 1/25/16 2:02 PM

Google recently published an article demonstrating the capabilities YouTube has to extend the reach and engagement of video advertising. Today, the means to advertise your product are in a time of change. The use of computers, laptops, and mobile devices is on the rise. Less consumers are viewing television in the traditional way: on the television, in the living room, waiting patiently through the commercials. Viewers are now streaming their favorite shows, while on the move, and skipping commercials that are not relevant.

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3 Things You Should Look for in a Paid Search Agency

Posted by Eric Ruesch on 8/7/15 8:36 AM

It's a story we've heard time and again from our clients. "We used to do paid search with <Big Name Paid Search Company>, but we never got anything out of it. We'd get a report every month, and a call at contract renewal time but that's it. We never really knew what was going on, or saw much difference in our business"

We should probably thank our competitors for doing such a bad job, but we'd much prefer to see it done right the first time. In this post you'll learn the three key things you should look for when choosing an agency to help manage your paid search.

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4 Important Google Analytic Aspects

Posted by Eric Ruesch on 10/24/13 10:57 AM

For any business the goal is to generate authentic leads from website visitors. Whether it’s an e-mail, phone call, or a walk in. In this digital age, it’s a good bet that most leads have viewed your site at least once . One way to estimate to estimate your conversion rate is by dividing your monthly leads by the amount of unique visitors to your website.

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