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Extend your Reach by integrating video advertising on YouTube

Posted by Dan Rutledge on 1/25/16 2:02 PM


Google recently published an article demonstrating the capabilities YouTube has to extend the reach and engagement of video advertising. Today, the means to advertise your product are in a time of change. The use of computers, laptops, and mobile devices is on the rise. Less consumers are viewing television in the traditional way: on the television, in the living room, waiting patiently through the commercials. Viewers are now streaming their favorite shows, while on the move, and skipping commercials that are not relevant.

Nielsen did a study and found that overall the time spent watching videos, including television material, on YouTube is growing every year. This creates a large opportunity for businesses to reach audiences on digital platforms per the viewer’s choosing. A TV spot with complete information of an upcoming car deal will get the message across, but only if the consumer is willing to listen.

Think with Google explains the extent that YouTube can aid a company’s marketing efforts. A simple way to reclaim the decreasing TV audience is to reallocate your budget. Shift some of the money spent on television advertising campaigns and put it into YouTube ads. A television and YouTube combo can increase your company’s reach to millennials by 42%, compared to television alone. The consumers you are targeting through the television may soon not be watching. Forrester Research is predicting that by 2025, half of all viewers under age 32 will not subscribe to traditional pay service television.

The key to success for many companies is to get on board with this movement to ads on YouTube. Combine the new tube with the old. Give viewers a chance to discover an ad and have the opportunity to act on their impulses and desires. Engage your viewers in offers they cannot turn down!


Topics: Digital Marketing, Automotive, Social Media, YouTube, Streaming Ads