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The Importance of Appointment Setting for Car Dealerships

Posted by Clark Rutledge on 12/2/16 4:21 PM

Consumers today are looking to streamline everything they do. Making a large purchase, such as a vehicle, is included in that streamlined-hopeful process. Quicker is better. What many consumers may not realize is that the car buying process can be streamlined, with appointment setting. Whether early on in the search process or the day of the purchase, setting appointments ensures that customers wants and needs will be acknowledged and met.

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Why Dealerships Are Losing 20% of their Customers

Posted by Clark Rutledge on 11/1/16 7:00 AM

At any given moment, there are hundreds of things going on at your dealership. Paperwork, sales, test drives, phone calls, meetings, the list goes on. It’s easy to look around and see all these things happening around you. But, what about all the things that are happening that you can’t see? Namely, the customers contacting you through your website — those ever-present internet leads.

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Topics: Automotive, Internet Sales, Retail Automotive, Automotive Strategy

The Top 5 Advantages of Email Marketing

Posted by Emily Wessling on 12/31/15 2:39 PM

The bottom line of any business is to be profitable. A key ingredient to making money is attracting and retaining customers. Gone are the days that physical mailings, commercials, and newspaper ads are the most reliable sources of bringing new customers to your business. All are viable options, but the attention grabbing techniques must be adapted to the modern day consumer. Consumers that are focused on technology, social media, and constant movement.

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4 Ways Your Internet Sales Staff Can Get better Customer Engagement

Posted by Clark Rutledge on 9/29/15 1:37 PM

1) Video Walkarounds

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The Money Machine:  Sell More With Your Website

Posted by Clark Rutledge on 3/12/15 9:22 AM

Over 80% of Automotive Shoppers use dealership websites to gather information as they do their research.  Take advantage of that web traffic and turn it into showroom buyers.

Right Leads is our dealer lead generation solution that dramatically increases demand by incentivizing your most serious car shoppers.

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