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Top 4 Ways Working with An Agency Can Help Your Paid Search Marketing

Posted by Eric Ruesch on 8/5/15 8:35 AM

Paid Search (AKA Search Engine Marketing) is one of those things that is easy to do, but hard to do well. Both Google and Bing have provided users with easy and intuitive tools. A functional paid search campaign can be set up and live in a matter of minutes. But, what's next? That simple, intuitive interface starts to look more and more daunting as time goes by. What do all these buttons do? Why do my ads keep getting disapproved? Why do I see hundreds of clicks to my website, but no noticeable uptick in business? How can I manage this and all the other aspects of my business at the same time? Is this just a waste of money? Setting up a paid search campaign is easy; making sure you're getting an optimal ROI is not. 

Agencies to the Rescue!

Managing a paid search campaign effectively is a full time job. Lucky for you, it doesn't have to be your full-time job. Using an ad agency to manage your paid search takes the guess work and stress out of the equation. There are several key benefits to outsourcing your paid search marketing to qualified professionals.

1) We have the experience

You're not the only account we manage. We manage, or have managed, hundreds of accounts. Unlike someone managing their own campaigns, we aren't starting fresh. We have put hundreds, if not thousands of man hours into understanding what works. We leverage that knowledge for your benefit. We take the guesswork and frustration out of the equation

2) We have the time

This is what we do. For a business owner managing their own paid search, it is one of a million other daily concerns. Your paid search campaigns are our top focus, the reason we come into work everyday. While you may have a million other things to worry about, we only have one: the success of your paid search campaigns.

3) Complex? No Problem!

As noted above, paid search is easy to do, but hard to do well.  Doing paid search well means being able interpret raw data and act on the insights gained. It means an intimate knowledge of all the capabilities of the paid search platform. It comes down to having the ability to recognize an issue or an opportunity and knowing what to do.

4) Direct Access

Both of the big Paid Search platforms (Google and Bing) have excellent customer support. After all, ad sales represent a large piece of their earnings each year. It pays to have happy, successful customers using their platforms. That said, we in the agency world often have access to dedicated, enterprise-level support. That means we have a man on the inside, a fixer, someone who can make things happen. You could spend an hour on the phone trying to get to the right person. Or, you could have your agency call their rep and have the solution in minutes. 

Using an Agency to help manage your paid search marketing takes the stress and guesswork out of the equation. You can save yourself time and heachaches by relying on experienced professsionals who can leverage their knowledge, experience, and access to your benefit.

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