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The Season of Mobile Has Arrived

Posted by Eric Ruesch on 11/15/17 8:00 AM


Have you noticed how Black Friday advertisements have changed over the last few years? Stores began to open earlier and earlier Friday morning. Some even began creeping into Thursday. That may not be the best strategy anymore. Mobile may be your new best friend if you are working on your marketing plan as ‘tis the season for spending money.

The season of mobile is here.


Mobile Usage

Smart phones are basically mini computers. How many of us sit at a desktop computer anymore for our everyday searches outside of work? Not many. More than 95% of adults primarily use their smartphones to access information these days.

You probably guessed high, but it can still be hard to wrap your head around the statistics. More than 65% of all email is first opened on a mobile device, too. Not to mention mobile has driven nearly 50% of online traffic for Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the last few years, and these numbers continue to increase. Mobile marketing campaigns are a main driving force behind holiday shopping traffic. While everyone may not be buying online, they are likely at least searching on their mobile device. Any business, big or small can capitalize on this.


Keep it Mobile Friendly

If you’re with us so far, let’s start with an email campaign. Mobile-friendly, of course. Remember, most people are viewing your messages on their phone.

  • Highlight your call-to-action without the need to swipe down on a mobile screen.
  • Any links should direct to mobile-responsive websites.
  • Keep the text short, but free of slang or abbreviations.
  • Make it clear who the message is from.
  • Offer something of value.

Try some Facebook ads, too. You can even just post an ad on your own page, then use the boost feature to make that post spread to your audience. This gives you the option of visibility in a certain geographic area, and links can be utilized to drive traffic to your site. Even if your goal is to drive traffic to your front door, you can incorporate coupons in your mobile marketing campaign. Bottom line: keep it simple, to the point, and easy to navigate. You will be glad you did.


The season of mobile is upon us. Don’t be afraid to give us a shout at Right Idea Media & Creative. We can help you analyze your market and maximize your return on investment through mobile marketing this season. We are here for you.


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