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The Search for Love... Google Search That Is

Posted by Emily Wessling on 2/8/16 8:30 AM


Love is one of the most powerful feelings we’ll ever experience. Once you’ve got your rose-colored glasses on, everything seems just a little bit brighter. And when it comes to showing love, there’s nothing like Valentine’s Day. It’s the ultimate day to show off your love. But many show their love on other days of the year, too…hopefully! Google demonstrates that anything from what to talk about on a first date all the way to wedding inquiries, there is a constant want to know of the best possible option(s).

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, love is the fuel behind many that head to Google for answers! Marketers have a golden opportunity during this time. Connect with viewers on a personal level and your relationship is sure to blossom! Google has published an infographic detailing the trends and most searched terms covering all areas of love! From the first step of finding a date all the way to happily ever after, Google has the answers you need.



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