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How to Use Video to Drive Action

Posted by Eric Ruesch on 3/14/18 4:55 PM

This month's Google Partners Connect live broadcast discussed how to grow your business with video advertising. YouTube has progressed substantially in recent years. Advertisers are now able to clearly gauge the performance of videos and use it to drive measurable results. In this blog post, we'll discuss the key takeaways and video strategies that we can help our clients implement.


Taking Video from Attention to Action

Video is the most powerful storytelling tool we have today. Through the combined power of video and the targeting capabilities of Google Search, we have new ways to drive consumers to action. Here are Google's 3 keys to make video drive consumers to take action.


Reach the Right People Based on Their Intent

YouTube has the capability to find your ideal customers within their 1.5 billion monthly viewers. Through Google's various platforms such as Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Play, we are able to gauge consumer's intent signals picking out those that are most likely to buy from you based on their online behavior. We are also able to reach people during major life milestones like: getting married, moving, or graduating college. Additionally, we can reach people with regular consumption habits like frequent grocery store or big box store shoppers, or frequent restaurant goers. Through YouTube's new Custom Intent Audiences, we can even target people with video ads on YouTube after they've searched specific keywords on Google.


Win Their Attention In a Low-Attention Mobile World

More choice in media means more competition for consumer's attention than ever. Consumer's attention has shifted and media consumption habits have evolved. More than 20% of US adults don't pay for TV and 8 out 10 that do multitask on another device while watching TV. The younger generation is growing up in an entirely different world of media where 7 in 10 teens watch at least 3 hours of mobile video daily. This demonstrates further how scarce consumer attention is.

Advertisements that contain both visuals and audio capture attention better and perform 2.6x more efficiently than ads with visuals or audio alone.


Transform Attention Into Measurable Action

YouTube recently introduced a new video ad format that allows us to utilize buttons to drive specific actions. This can include buttons like "Get a Quote," "Buy Now," and "Learn More." This feature improves our ability to measure the amount of viewers that are taking action and visiting your website.


We're a Google Partner

Right Idea Media & Creative has been a Google Partner since 2012 and we're experts in both video advertising and video production. We can implement a video marketing strategy from beginning to end and help your business succeed online.

Reach out to us if you'd like to learn more about the value of digital marketing and how you can expand your online presence through smarter insights to grow your business. We're happy to help - call (877) 392-1141.


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