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How Video Marketing is Influencing Healthcare

Posted by Katie Fourney on 5/15/18 3:23 PM


Video marketing is an increasingly popular option for businesses looking to package their content in an accessible way. For healthcare providers, creating a video is a great opportunity to connect with and educate potential patients.

How Can Video Marketing Be Used to Educate and Attract Patients?

A video can give a face to your organization.  This is especially important for something as personal as healthcare. Hospitals or doctor's offices can be intimidating - a patient that sees you as warm and welcoming is that much more likely to trust the services you provide.

If you're interested in setting your healthcare practice or system on this path, first, it’s important to ask what the purpose of your video will be. If you’re still not sure where to start, here’s a few options.


Website Welcome Video

A website welcome video is a great way to introduce potential patients to your hospital or healthcare system and let them know what services you offer. This can be as simple as a video demonstrating the various features of your website, or as complicated as a comprehensive intro including physician interviews and testimonials.


Testimonial Video

Testimonials are an effective method of connecting with people emotionally. A simple, inexpensive video testimonial can go a long way towards building consumer trust in your brand.


Educational Video

One option is to create a video intended to educate the viewer on a certain issue related to your business. Our video for CHI Health is a good example of this style:



This is an informative video explaining the benefits of various “superfoods”, presented in a straightforward, entertaining style. Though the video has CHI Health branding throughout, it isn’t explicitly advertising a service or product. Rather, the purpose of a video like this is more to build consumer trust in your brand by giving them information they can use in their day-to-day lives.


Procedural Video

Another route is to showcase a specific product your business offers by creating a video demonstrating its use. For example, check out this video Right Idea Media and Creative created for our client, Huerter Orthodontics:



The purpose of this video is to advertise the product, Acceledent, by laying out its advantages and showing how easy it is to to use. What makes this video effective is its bite-size length - it’s short and to-the-point, letting the consumer know exactly what they need to know without any unnecessary graphics or information. Your video doesn’t have to be a huge, expensive production. A video like this, shot at a single desk from a couple different angles, can get your point across just as well without costing a lot in terms of time or money.


Marketing Your Video

Once you’ve got your video shot and edited, it’s time to share it with the world. Creating a YouTube account is a great way to get your content out there, providing an easy way to organize and share your videos, as well as offering your viewers the chance to subscribe to your channel to watch any you might put out in the future. Once your video is uploaded, share it onto your social media accounts for others to enjoy.


Video marketing is increasingly more effective on social media than still images or text ads. There’s no reason healthcare providers should miss out on this opportunity! Whether your video is laid-back and humorous, or straightforward and educational, video marketing is a chance to show a different side of your business. Right Idea Media and Creative has experience making videos of every style listed above, and more. If you have questions, feel free to reach out!